Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Hyderabad

Data from 134 salary and company ratings.
Average annual salary (Fixed)        Rs. 648000
Salary Range Rs. 318000Min - 2661000Max
Average annual salary (Variable) Rs. 3000
Salary Range Rs. 0Min - 30000Max
Average monthly salary (Fixed)      Rs. 54000
Salary Range Rs. 26500Min - 204700Max

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Company Rating

Work Environment 2.7/5 2.7 Work Quality 2.7/52.7 Growth Opportunities 2.7/52.7 Top Management 2.5/52.5 Overall Rating 2.8/52.8

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Company Reviews

Good Good Good Good IT Analyst

A company of pen pushers, who think clients are blind to their insatiable thirst for higher and higher profit growths QoQ. A company with no appetite for business growth, too conservative and fed in BPO mentality, and staffed with low self esteem ... This company cannot break from the mould that FC Kohli had set, when he famously said he wanted low cost workers to maintain his high lifestyle. Let's look at the guiding philosophy of this company - the pyramid and the bell-curve, which are sacrosanct. Pyramid reflects the ceo at the top presiding over an army of low paid trainees at the base. Policies are designed to keep the top at the top and bottom at the bottom and get rid of all seniority in the middle. For those pesky elements who try and break this rule, fit them into a performance bell-curve, in shirt... Create opportunities for higher attrition as you go higher in the pyramid, so that the top is unchallenged. Very poor working conditions where your success depends on who you know than what you can or will do. Software Engineer

No value for performers, stagnation & join sea of "do you work with head down" workers. Sr. consultant

Bad pay master, bad management good for learning Systems Engineer

Very good culture, employee friendly. Very understanding towards women. IT Analyst

Typical government office work culture. But have offices all over India, including non-IT cities. Senior Business Analyst

Good options for training - also direct option to go into TAS. IT Analyst