Software Engineer Salary (3-4 yrs) at Oracle Financial Services

Data from 7 salary and company ratings.
Average annual salary (Fixed)        Rs. 884000
Salary Range Rs. 643000Min - 1979000Max
Average annual salary (Variable) Rs. 180000
Salary Range Rs. 180000Min - 180000Max
Average monthly salary (Fixed)      Rs. 73700
Salary Range Rs. 53600Min - 152200Max

Oracle Financial Services Company Rating

Work Environment 4.3/5 4.3 Work Quality 4.3/54.3 Growth Opportunities 4.3/54.3 Top Management 4/54 Overall Rating 4.3/54.3

Oracle Financial Services Company Reviews

They have two divisions 1. Product dev and Product support/maint. 2. Services section I worked on services section. Pros: 1. Good Cafeteria, good food, good infrastructure, free cab, free gym facilities, good HR team 2. Luckily i got development prj. Cons: 1. Project allocation team is very BAD. They just treat you like school kids. Not only me even many seniors of 6+ yrs faced same bitter exp. 2. Initially it was going good but the company is not going good these days. It's better to say it's going too bad in Services Section so they simply finding stupid reasons and forcibly asked many resources to leave org. And many even from my team left the org. 3. Most of the clients are African countries. So onsite seekers will go to..... 4. They have only few good prj's. to work. Rest all old dull prj's clients may move out at any time. Staff Consultant

Good compensation, nice culture, nice facilities. Principal Member of Technical Staff