Software Engineer Salary at Infosys

Data from 159 salary and company ratings.
Average annual salary (Fixed)        Rs. 445000
Salary Range Rs. 315000Min - 720000Max
Average annual salary (Variable) Rs. 7000
Salary Range Rs. 0Min - 40000Max
Average monthly salary (Fixed)      Rs. 37100
Salary Range Rs. 26300Min - 55400Max

Infosys Company Rating

Work Environment 4.3/5 4.3 Work Quality 3/53 Growth Opportunities 3/53 Top Management 3.3/53.3 Overall Rating 3.3/53.3

Infosys Company Reviews

Very ordinary company, belies expectation on the market. Disappointed to join. Technology Lead

Great brand. Great Campus. Beautiful buildings, gardens and interior. If only that can make you happy. The learning curve is really slow. Work is okay. Opportunity to lean new things are limited. Software Engineer

Very good training for freshers Very good place to start career Associate Consultant

Relaxed work, really great if you get onsite opportunity. Principal Consultant

Pro: Good brand value on resume Con: Less options for growth Project Manager

Salary increments are stagnated - no hikes for 2012. Cut in variable pay too. Delivery Manager

Company has good values, but options for growth are not many Group Project Manager