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Work Environment 4.1/5 4.1 Work Quality 4.2/54.2 Growth Opportunities 4.3/54.3 Top Management 3.8/53.8 Overall Rating 4.3/54.3

Custom Soft Company Reviews

I was worked with Custom Soft Pune office for around 2years. I had very nice experience with Custom Soft. I learn in Custom Soft from basics. Technical skills as well as how to review requirement, client review project review I learn in Custom Soft. I got support & cooperation from all the staff in Custom Soft whenever I required. I strongly recommend Custom Soft for employment to my juniors & friends. Custom Soft Software Engineer

I am working with Custom Soft for more than 1.3 years. I love to work with Custom Soft. It really helps to develop your skills. Good pay in Custom Soft Software Engineer

I worked with Custom-Soft Pune office for more than 3 years. I had wonderful experience with Custom Soft. Project review management in Custom Soft is awesome. Web Designer

I am having great experience with Custom Soft. Good work culture, balanced work life in Custom-Soft Pune office. Many employee welfare activities are conducted by Custom Soft . feeling good to review Custom Soft as a joyful workplace in Pune. Software Engineer

I am working with Custom-Soft for more than a year as a web Designer. Feeling great to review Custom-Soft as a one of the best software company in Pune with healthy work culture Web Designer

Its my pleasure to review Custom Soft as a best place to work especially to freshers. You will get opportunity to work on various domains as well as you will get chance to learn and adopt new technologies. Custom Soft having good projects with a talented team. Team Lead

Custom Soft is an offshore software development company working for USA, UK, and CANADA & EUROPE based clients. Also working for more than 15 different countries . We follow ISO 9001 & CMM Level III practices as certified STPI (Software Technology Parks of India). We Provide Business solutions to specific domains like Insurance, Healthcare, HR, Paper & Pulp, Optician Industry, Shipping and Logistics. We have offices at USA & UK. Human Resources Executive

Custom-Soft is a good place to work. Employees are seniors are very cooperative. Many opportunities to groom yourself technically as well as personally. I would like to review Custom Soft one of the best work places in Pune Software Engineer

I am working with Custom Soft from last 2 years as a QA Engineer. I Custom Soft Pune office I got many opportunities to work on various platforms. Weekly task review in Custom Soft made me more efficient. Training team is also efficient. All the teammates are supportive and helpful. QA Engineer

Custom-Soft is one of the best work place in Pune. Custom Soft having lots of projects, exposure to work on various technologies Software Engineer