Software Engineer Salary at Cognizant Technology Solutions

Data from 25 salary and company ratings.
Average annual salary (Fixed)        Rs. 526000
Salary Range Rs. 318000Min - 706000Max
Average monthly salary (Fixed)      Rs. 43800
Salary Range Rs. 26500Min - 54300Max

Cognizant Technology Solutions Company Rating

Work Environment 4/5 4 Work Quality 3.5/53.5 Growth Opportunities 2.8/52.8 Top Management 3/53 Overall Rating 3.5/53.5

Cognizant Technology Solutions Company Reviews

Good stable company, but very very slow growth for starters. Program Analyst Trainee

Good company If you satisfied with your package Programmer Analyst

Tough to grow in salary by staying on - need to switch jobs to grow... Associate - Projects

Very rigid policies, sloow growth. Technology Architect