Software Engineer Salary at Atos

Data from 7 salary and company ratings.
Average annual salary (Fixed)        Rs. 449000
Salary Range Rs. 315000Min - 720000Max
Average monthly salary (Fixed)      Rs. 37400
Salary Range Rs. 26300Min - 55400Max

Atos Company Rating

Work Environment 3/5 3 Work Quality 3/53 Growth Opportunities 3/53 Top Management 3/53 Overall Rating 3/53

Atos Company Reviews

Nothing as pathetic IT company to work with.. Atos India does not have their own projects. There are 90% managers having BA/ B.Com passed and managing technical team. Such managers and Team Leaders treats Engineers as donkey due to jealousy. There is not transparency in appraisal and increments. Any person who has less experience than you can suddenly become your manager and TL. Atos India is nothing but the puppet of Atos UK. Atos India does not have their own projects so always depend on Atos UK management. Ultimately India employee suffers a lot. Worst transport facility. Worst canteen. Only one vendor and has been doing business since 3 years in spite many times cockroaches found in food. When any person visits HR department gets treatment like a beggar on signal. No one will pay attention when you stands near their cubicle for any HR related work. Worst Admin and IT Support. There is not any online portals for the facility/HR/Admin/IT support related problems. Every time you will have to visit personally like a beggar. No medical facility available on emergency in day as well as night shift. In emergency you have to arrange on your own transport. Tech Lead