Software Engineer Salary at Amdocs

Data from 15 salary and company ratings.
Average annual salary (Fixed)        Rs. 614000
Salary Range Rs. 363000Min - 913000Max
Average monthly salary (Fixed)      Rs. 51200
Salary Range Rs. 30300Min - 70200Max

Amdocs Company Rating

Work Environment 3.7/5 3.7 Work Quality 3.3/53.3 Growth Opportunities 3.3/53.3 Top Management 3/53 Overall Rating 3.3/53.3

Amdocs Company Reviews

The work in the company comprises of 40% of testing projects. 40-50% of production support projects and merely 10% core development project in the Product Business Group Domain. Hence there is limited scope of learning actual work related to coding and programming. Apart from that, the company has horrible management which simply believe to get things done for the clients by hook or by crook. There is no innovation and R&D which involves brainstorming and developing cool products. The company thinks to keep their employees happy by allowing them to wear informals to office, giving free breakfasts, snacks etc and giving a salary which is inch higher only when compared to that of Indian body shops companies like TCS/INFY etc. The company was once good. but now sunks up to the level of these Indian Body shops which makes it no different than that of those companies. forget joining the organization if you want to do cool stuffs and learn more on programming and computer science. Subject Matter Expert

Good company to join at senior level. Very bad for freshers. QA Engineer