Software Engineer Salary at Accord Software

Data from 1 salary and company ratings.
Average annual salary (Fixed)        Rs. 330000
Salary Range Rs. 330000Min - 330000Max
Average annual salary (Variable) Rs. 25000
Salary Range Rs. 25000Min - 25000Max
Average monthly salary (Fixed)      Rs. 27500
Salary Range Rs. 27500Min - 25400Max

Accord Software Company Rating

Work Environment 2/5 2 Work Quality 2/52 Growth Opportunities 1/51 Top Management 3/53 Overall Rating 2/52

Accord Software Company Reviews

Really bad company to start with if you have passed out in Computer Science and are keen to learn new things. They work only on validation of aerospace software. This is my third year here, and have hardly learnt anything. They make you work for 12 hours a day, and on weekends on validating design and code, from which you will hardly learn anything.. People who are keen to learn new things will find this company as hell. They expect people to do 4 hours work in one hour, and at the end the quality of the work you would have done would be pathetic, resulting in no job satisfaction at all. Join this company only if you have studied Electronics and Communication. Otherwise don't. You will learn nothing even if you stay here for years. If you are looking for a settled life,(something like bank jobs) you can join this company. Otherwise waste of career and time. And in case you are a fresher they expect you to work for 3 years. and they take hundred thousand rupees as bank guarantee because of which you cannot leave the company even if you wish to for the first 3 years. Software Engineer