Q: Do you have any questions for me?

Almost every experienced interviewer leaves some time towards the end to ask this question. Remember the first time an interviewer asked you that. They most likely made a very nice impression on you. “How nice and accommodating of them”, you must have thought. Turns out, there’s more to it. So far, you were judged by the answers you gave. Now you are going to be judged by the questions you ask!

Interview Questions
The point is that very few candidates tend to ask good, relevant questions. And like we pointed out on our previous post (Tell me something about yourself), most candidates just don’t take enough advantage of such opportunities to lead an interview and make an impression. The most common question that candidates tend to ask is “How did I do with the interview?”. Guess what, the interview wasn’t over yet!

The second most common question candidates ask is “What is your job profile?”. That actually may be a good question, if you can make use of it. Most candidates aren’t listening to the answer, they are just glad that it isn’t them answering. So when the interviewer completes narrating their job, they just say “Okay” or “Sound interesting”. Ideally, you ought to listen carefully and pick something that you want to go deeper in.

For example, you are interviewing for the post of a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and you are interviewing with a Senior engineer of the group. This may be a good time to figure out what testing methodologies they use, what tools they use. Ask why they don’t use this latest methodology, that tool, how much effort do they put on automating the test cases. How do they measure how much software code was covered by their testing.

This is also a good time to ask questions to gauge company culture. If you are talking to a Quality Assurance Manager, you can ask probably ask them “How does management react if a quality assurance engineer unintentionally missed a check?” or “How does one get rewarded by going beyond the test cases and finding a genuine issue with the product?”

I guess you get the point.

Wish you all the best in your job search!

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